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Homes with True Value

If you are thinking of buying a home in Gurgaon, please see the price comparison chart between different areas of Gurgaon. What you’ll discover is that many places have inflated prices, whereas New Gurgaon is still affordable and worthy of living.

 Gurgaon Areas                                   2017 Value

Golf Course Road                                 4 to 30 cr

Golf Course Extn. Road                       3 to 5 cr

Sohna Road – SPR                             2.25 to 3 cr

New Gurgaon                                     60 to 100 lakhs         

So why not consider Vatika India Next for your new home – The most successfully managed township in NCR. It has all the amenities of modern day living, 24X7 security, beautifully laid out infrastructure and green areas. It is well connected with Gurgaon, Dwarka, Manesar, IGI Airport and New Delhi.

Comfortable & Living Ready

  • 5000+ homes handed over
  • 3000+ families living
  • 24X7 security (370 guards, CCTV )
  • Facilities management by Enviro
  • Ample parking for visitors & residents


  • At the intersection of 2 National Highways (NH 8 & NH 8A – Dwarka Expressway)
  • Metro linkage to existing metro lines
  • Haryana Roadways bus service – Vatika INXT to HUDA City Centre

Infrastructure & Environment

  • Wide tree lined roads with walkways
  • LED street lights
  • Underground electrical systems & water supply
  • Recycled water & fiber optics underground
  • Cab service available

Social Infrastructure

  • MatriKiran High School open (6.25 acres)
  • PVR multiplexes to open soon
  • 24 acres of parks and greens
  • 5 clubs operational

•          70+ retail shops operational


Think of Home Think of A Vatika Home

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Living isn’t limited to the four walls of your home. What’s around your house is just as important as what’s in it. A shady tree right outside, the quality of the pavement in front, proximity to a milk booth – these are the small things that can elevate or depress how you feel at home. Vatika puts great thought into these little matters. Here are a few good reasons for buying a Vatika home

Superior Quality in Design & construction Vatika is renowned for its design, layouts, open sources and quality of construction and amenities.

A wide variety of homes for you to choose from There are 20 projects and over 200 varieties of 3 bedroom apartment to choose from; homes starting from 60 lakhs up to 2.5 cr.

Vatika always delivers 5000 possessions already given, 3000 families already living in Vatika India Next. Vatika has delivered 42.3 million sq ft, which includes 35.7 million sq ft residential and 6.6 million sq ft of commercial development.

Top Class maintenance Over 800 engineers & technicians of Enviro keep Vatika projects in top conditions. Vatika homes always fetch a premium over other surrounding houses.

Simple paperwork and easy procedures are a delight Online access, scheduled deliveries make it easy & comfortable. Committed advisory teams are always there for your support.

Call Vatika Direct at 9555 930 930 and let the process of buying your house be as pleasurable as living in it.

The Shocking Truth About New Gurgaon

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New Gurgaon refers to the Millennium City’s new sectors 82 to 115 – and if you took a Sunday drive through these sectors, you’d be shocked at the differences between this area and how the rest of Gurgaon developed.

The model for a modern lifestyle The planning of New Gurgaon is such that it promotes a balanced life – with less driving, less stress, local self-sustenance and better health

Wide roads carriageways are designed to handle with the traffic today volumes of tomorrow.Most of sector roads in New Gurgaon are built with service roads and have an 84 meter wide right-of-way(compared with 48 meters in Gurgaon).

Segregated commercial areas Residential and commercial sectors are adjacent, yet separate. So, no office blocks in the middle of residential areas, and schools only on roads wide enough to handle the traffic.

No encroachments or slums The Gurgaon Manesar Masterplan 2031 is being strictly adhered to, with neatly parceled land for pre-determined uses.

Rapid habitation Projects are being completed quickly, and home buyers are moving in numbers that are quite astonishing. New Gurgaon is shaping up into a model urban area.

No congestion Traffic flows smoothly and, since roads have been planned based on future requirement, it will continue to do so.

Road connections NH-8, NH-8A, Pataudi Road, and the KMP (Kundli-Manesar-Palwal) Expressway give New Gurgaon excellent connectivity.and this will be made evene better by the proposed Central Peripheral Road,(the new link on connecting NH8 to Dwarka Expressway right at Vatika Express City) .

Metro and ISBT A Metro hub and a new ISBT are coming up near the intersection of NH-8 and Dwarka Expressway in New Gurgaon

No ugly powerlines Electrical cables are all underground. This is safer, easier to maintain, and better in the long term. The power infrastructure is, in fact, ready for the next 60 years.

The best names in education and healthcare, such asMatriKiran, DPS, Modern School and Max Hospitals, are setting up facilities in New Gurgaon.

The best employers in the country, like Google, TCS and GE, have taken up large office spaces on NH-8. Commuting to these offices from New Gurgaon residences will entail negligible effort.

Plum real estate opportunity Of all the important micro-markets of NCR, New Gurgaon is the only one that is well-connected, but still affordably priced.

The best part of Gurgaon All the things that seem to be wrong with Gurgaon currently – traffic, drainage, roads, etc. – have been solved and turned into advantages in New Gurgaon. And that’s when the truth hits you – this is truly the best part of Gurgaon.

What are Gated Towns?

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what are gated towns


The sad fact is that the peaceful little town you grew up in is gone forever. If you go back for a visit, you’ll find that the streets you went cycling in are now choked with traffic jams, and the field where you learnt cricket is a municipal parking lot. Rapid and unplanned urbanization has taken a heavy toll on India’s small towns.

Vatika has made it a mission to re-balance life and create for its residents an environment of calmness and harmony. Gated towns bring out the best parts of contemporary urban living without the stress and ill health normally associated with big cities.

A gated community is a protected island of perfection, it’s a little world where residents can choose and control the kind of life they want to live. And Vatika, with the expertise of a master developer, has created a beautiful balance of progress and pristineness.

Freedom With entrances carefully guarded, a Vatika community is a safe zone – for children, grown ups and senior citizens alike. Kids can run around and play without constraint, women can safely go about on their own, and it is easy to enjoy the freedom that security brings.

CleanlinessThe air, the water, the roads, the parks – everything in a Vatika township is clean and healthy. Regulated traffic reduces pollution, and good maintenance reduces stress – so positivity, energy and good health have become signatures of the Vatika lifestyle.

Convenience There is a comfort that comes with smallness: knowing that everything is close at hand. Parks, shops, cafes, hobby classes or friends’ houses – you don’t have to get the car out for anything.

Lifestyle You can live like a tycoon without having to make the millions. Swimming pools, squash courts, landscaped lawns and tranquil tree-lined avenues – a Vatika township has them all.

Vatika townships, with their excellent locations, offer all the freedom and advantages of the small-town life without ever having to be disconnected with the city. They are meticulously planned and uncompromisingly executed – and that’s what has made them such a popular choice.

Vatika India Next: Give your kids the best childhood

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At about 700 acres in area, Vatika India Next is slightly larger than South Delhi’s Vasant Kunj. That’s large enough to make it the perfect little hometown for your children. It offers the wholesomeness and simplicity of the town you grew up in, along with the benefits of new-age urban planning.

Clean environment The entire township is being developed along eco-friendly lines, using energy-efficient technologies and materials.

Low pollution Plenty of green areas and a smooth-flowing traffic system help in keeping pollution levels down.

Healthy lifestyle The township is extremely pedestrian-friendly, and it’s layout is such that it invites people to spend time outdoors.

Play areas Usable open spaces, rather than merely ornamental lawns, have the emphasis in Vatika INXT. Plenty of sports facilities and places to run, play, exercise and skateboard in.

Grandparent-friendly Grandparents are a key part of childhood. With easy walkways, shaded benches, parks and plenty of places, INXT makes sure it’s senior and junior citizens can have a lot of fun together.

Safety All access points into the township are manned round the clock, and the entire area is a secure zone – with CCTV surveillance, over 370 security personneland a police station within the township.

Easy Traffic Vehicular flow is extremely regulated and kept segregated from pedestrian and play areas – making them safe for the young and the elderly.

Education The middle and senior wing of MatriKiran is already operational with a 6.25-acre campus in Vatika INXT. Altogether, there will be 3 high schools, 6 primary schools, 7 nursery schools and 3 day-care centres.

Healthcare Apart from the full-scale hospitals coming up on the Dwarka Expressway, Vatika India Next will also have 1 hospital, 3 clinics and 11 nursing homes within its premises. The first 3 nursing homes will commence operations by March 2017.

Easy commute The township is completely self-sufficient township; but should you need to step out, it is extremely well-connected too – right at the intersection of NH8 and Dwarka Expressway (NH-8A), with a Metro hub coming up alongside.

Top notch maintenance Enviro, Vatika’s own facility management arm with decades of experience in this field, makes sure that everything is hazard-free and immaculately maintained.

In today’s stressed and hurried world, Vatika India Next is designed to be a calm oasis where children can truly be children, and over 2,000 families have already discovered its charms.


Advantages of Integrated Self Sustained Townships

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Population in our country has been ever increasing, however, on the other hand our natural resources to cater to this population is limited. To create a proper balance we actually need more cities with all the amenities to cater to the requirement of this population.


The concept of integrated self sustaining Townships, being developed by private developers is really coming a long way in creating this balance.

Integrated self sustaining townships are being developed in the periphery of cities due to availability of large tracts of land. Spanning hundreds of acres, they have a mix of plots, Villas, Independent floors, Group Housings, Office/ retail spaces, cinemas, schools, hospitals, police stations, religious areas, parks, clubs, community spaces, fire stations and all other facilities that are there in developed urban centers.

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Major Breakthrough on Dwarka Expressway

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In a major breakthrough all families facing eviction due to alignment of Dwarka Expressway have agreed on the settlement policy offered by HUDA. Following will be modus operandi;


  1. HUDA will finalize the layouts of sector 110A and 37C within 2 months before they begin allotment of plots to effected parties.
  2. Allottees with construction on their plot will get first preference in Sector 110A, getting plots of same size as covered area of their existing houses. They will also get monetary compensation for the remaining portion of their land and for the building.
  3. Allottees will get 6 months from the date of possession to vacate existing homes. They will also get an exclusive single window to clear their building plans, Occupation and completion certificates, utility connections and other documents.

    This clears all the hiccups which were there in the completion of Dwarka Expressway (NPR). The connectivity between the national capital (i.e. Delhi) and the corporate hub of NCR (i.e. Gurgaon) will be further strengthened and will give a big boost to the real estate sector.

Ambala: A Fine Place for Real Estate Investments

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Ambala is a city that is divided into two sub-areas namely, Ambala City and Ambala Cantonment, which are approximately 3 kms away from each other. The city is also popularly known as the Twin City. A common tourist destination, Ambala is also famous for its cloth market.

Besides being significant for tourists, Ambala has considerable scope for real estate business. Here are some good reasons to invest in properties in Ambala.

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Investing in Integrated Townships in Gurgaon: A Better Option

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2121Gurgaon is developing at a fast pace and various builders have come up with townships, that are spread across different sectors. The townships in Gurgaon include high-rise apartments and luxurious independent floors. The township in the city has loads of benefits, which include the smooth connectivity to Dwarka expressway and other highways, green surroundings, world-class schools and healthcare centers. So, if you are looking to invest in a township project, there are lots of upcoming residential projects in Gurgaon to choose from. There are a large number of benefits of investing in an integrated township with residential property. Gurgaon offers a complete package which includes basic amenities like shopping centers, schools, health care centers and clubs at the township.

townships in gurgaon

Builders have developed these townships with a master plan arrangement; therefore, they give enough consideration for building layouts, along with greenery and of course traffic circulations. Also, these are great for investment purpose, but entirely depend on budget and personal conditions. However, if you are looking for a place to shift immediately, go for a ready to build in unit, else for investment purposes, choose an upcoming residential property. Gurgaon has many on-going as well as in-plan residential properties. Continue reading

The Importance of Commercial Property Investment in a Prime Location

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It is no hidden fact that investing in a commercial property situated in a prime location is a beneficial and wise decision. Commercial property investment must be done in a prime location, so that you enjoy all the benefits of investing in a property. For people who do not have a clear idea about the benefits of investing in a property situated in a prime location, yet are willing to do the same, here is a guide on commercial property investing:

profit in commercial investment

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