Vatika Mindscapes, Mathura Road

General Arrangement
  • The complex has been designed as a campus arranged around a landscaped podium and an elevated green deck
    While the office blocks vary in heights from G+13 to G+11 with varying floor plate sizes, the ground floor has been designed to accommodate corporate and retail spaces and eateries
About Office Blocks
Office Spaces
  • Office modules of various sizes
  • Offices designed around central core areas as well as side cores to ensure excellent quality of natural light and views all round
Floor To Floor Height
  • 3.85 mts on typical floors
  • 5.0 mts on ground floor
Approach and Access
  • Separate drop offs for all the blocks with dedicated entrance lobbies
Facilities and Amenities
  • Well designed entrance lobby at ground floor
  • Passenger elevators designed to cater for the expected traffic
  • Dedicated service lift for movement of goods and materials
  • Common toilet facilities provided on each floor
Lobbies and Common Spaces and Common Toilets
  • Finished in a combination of architecturally pleasing materials such as stone, high quality tiles, wall and ceiling finishes
Tenant Space
  • Adequate finishing margin shall be left on the floor for client fit out works
External Facade and Finishes
  • A combination of architecturally designed external facade finishes in modern and contemporary materials
  • Double glazed aluminum windows and fenestration along with curtain glass in locations according to elevation requirements
  • Client directory signage in main entrance lobby on ground floor
  • Client directory signage on each office floor
  • Multi level Basements to accommodate approximately 1600 cars
  • Provision for surface parking and drop off areas
  • Capital slab arrangement in office floors with clear height of 3.6 mts
  • RCC structure designed in strict compliance with all requirements of the Seismic Zone 4 as prescribed in the Indian Standard Code
Electrical Systems and Installations
Normal Power Source
  • Power Supply from the DHVBNL shall be made available
Power Back Up
  • 100% power backup through DG sets designed and installed in compliance with stringent emission norms
Power Distribution
Power supply cables shall be drawn to the tenant’s distribution board
Dual energy meters installed for each tenant to measure consumption of normal power and backup power supply separately
Adequate provisions for Telephone, Voice and Data connectivity through multiple service providers
  • Infrastructure and necessary installations will be provided
Lighting And Illumination
  • Lighting and illumination of common areas as well as external areas designed scientifically to appropriate lux levels
  • Adequate provision for critical lighting in areas of circulation and emergency usage
  • Architectural lighting to illuminate the complex to enhance its usability and footfalls
Hvac Systems
Corporate Retail Areas and Office Blocks
  • Office space shall be air-conditioned through highly energy efficient central A.C. system with BMS
  • Mechanical Ventilation system in strict compliance with NBC norms
Fire and Life Safety
Fire Detection System
  • Provided in accordance with the Fire Safety norms as per the NBC
Fire Fighting and Suppression
  • Wet Risers, Fire Hose reels, Fire Extinguishers and Sprinklers – provided as per norms. Yard Hydrants and Firefighting pumps installed at lower levels as per the NBC norms along with dedicated Fire Tanks
Fire Escape
  • Provision for Fire Exits and Escape Stairs at appropriate locations in accordance with the NBC
Plumbing Installations
Water Supply Systems
  • Designed to stringent standards and norms for public health and hygiene
Waste Water and Sewer Systems
  • As per public health and sanitation standards and norms
Rain Water Harvesting
  • Rain water will be collected through network of pipes and installations and recharged into ground aquifers in compliance with the norms
  • Main Entrance
  • Main Lift Lobby
  • Basement Lift Lobbies/Ramps
  • Staircases
Manned Security
  • Check posts at key locations within the complex. Boom Barriers at basement entry and exits
*Disclaimer: Specifications are indicative and are subjected to change as decided by the architect. Minor variations may be required during execution of work. The Applicants/Allottees do not bear any right to raise any objections in this regard